The Inner South Metro Trade School for the Future offers access to School-based Apprenticeships in most traditional and emerging vocational education and training streams, particularly in Skills Shortage Areas. For more information visit the Trade School Web Site or some of the following links below:

For information regarding work and employment in Southern Adelaide visit the Southern Adelaide Skills Portal
For information on careers, where they will lead and who can help visit the Careers Connected Website
For information in Apprenticeships / Traineeships and training pathways visit the Australian Apprenticeships Pathways Website
Want to know more about the steps needed to win an Apprenticeship or Traineeship, this Fact Sheet could help.
The Young Worker Toolkit is a fantastic (and smart-phone ready) Website to help you know more about workplace rights and responsibilities
Group Training Australia will provide you all the information you need to contact a Group Training Provider in SA and to be successful in winning, and keeping, an Apprenticeship.
The Fact Sheets below are a fantastic resource for any student hoping to find a School Based Apprenticeship:
About Australian School Based Apprenticeships
National Skills Needs List
The Pathway to an Australian Apprenticeship
Tools For Trade Incentive Payments
Support for Apprentices with a Disability