Middle School

Students in year 8 & 9 study a wide variety of subjects including Maths, Science, English and Society and Environment and PE as well as Music, Dance, Languages and Technology.

Hamilton has a strong focus on Maths, Science and Technology with Year 8and 9 students completing integrated projects to gain a depth of skills and knowledge in these areas.

Improving literacy is a focus in the Middle School at Hamilton and Middle School teachers in all subjects have Stepping Out training to allow them to assist students to further develop their literacy skills. In studies of English and Society and Environment in the Middle school students are supported to develop a breadth of literacy and research skills ready to lead them into an environment of independent learning in Senior School.

Hamilton has a focus on 21st Century learning and at Years 8 and 9 we run a 1:1 laptop program. Students all have their own individual laptop to use each lesson to support their learning with access to the latest applications and the internet. Many teaching rooms are equipped with electronic whiteboards to enhance the delivery of curriculum.

Teachers use a variety of pedagogies to engage middle school students in Year 8sand 9. Students are encouraged to work in a collaborative manner and develop their skills in communication and negotiation. Teachers also provide opportunities for “real-life” learning with guest speakers, activities and excursions. Students are taught to reflect on their learning with round table conferences at the conclusion of each semester.

The uniform at Hamilton is smart, comfortable and cost effective. Students have had input in to the development of the uniform. The uniform shop on site makes the purchase of items – new or second-hand, easily accessible by both students and parents.

Students in the middle school have access to two experienced Secondary Counsellors and two Christian Pastoral Care Workers. They are also well supported by two Caregroup teachers, Year Level Managers and a Student Management Coordinator. With a Pastoral Care session each week students are supported and their well-being is closely monitored. Hamilton has a clear harassment and bullying policy and both victims and perpetrators are followed up quickly by the middle school team to allow positive resolutions to occur.

The Middle School at Hamilton is a positive, vibrant environment in which students are accessing 21st century learning preparing them for senior school and the world of work.