Hamilton Secondary College is committed to a SACE curriculum which provides Year 11 and 12 students with flexible and relevant learning. The courses available allow students to develop pathways and skills for the future. Each student meets their individual needs through a program which is negotiated through the services of Student Counsellors, Careers Advisers and Year Level Managers.

Parents/caregivers and senior students are engaged in this dynamic process of using the senior school curriculum to construct a successful transition to a future beyond school for each individual.

Levels of Study

The levels of Subjects and learning programs in the new 'Pathways' curriculum are

• Pre SACE

• Stage 1 SACE (Year 11 equivalent)

• Stage 2 SACE (Year 12 equivalent)

• Certificate (Vocational Education & Training)

Pathways and Special Programs

Students may combine a number of different pathways and can gain credit towards multiple awards/qualifications through their studies in the Senior School.

By careful subject selection students can:

• work in areas of their interest

• gain industry accredited awards

• gain their SACE certificate

• qualify for university study with a ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Ranking) score Some subjects can be studied at any year level (Multilevel subjects) to achieve the pathway suited to the individual student.