2018 SACE Handbook - page 3

The SouthAustralianCertificateof Education
(SACE) is awarded to studentswho successfully
complete certain requirements in their senior
secondaryeducation. SACE is a requirement for
thosewhowish togoon tohigher educationon
thebasisof anATAR (AustralianTertiary
AdmissionsRank) gained from the completionof
Stage2 subjects.
HamiltonSACECampusoffers awide selectionof
subjects to suit studentswishing toengage in
SACE studies.
SACE study canbedesigned tomeet every
student’sneeds –whether theywant togo to
university, studya trade, or togo into the
Hamiltonhas abroad rangeof subjects in the
SACE that allowspeoplewithvarying skills and
interests toparticipate. Inaddition to the
traditional subjects,wealsooffer anarrayofVET-
based subjects that can contribute toaSACEwith
anembeddedCertificate II or III. Formore
informationabout the SACE visit
Formore informationabout theVETPrograms
available inour regionvisit
and select Inner SouthSchoolsVETPrograms
Achieving theSACE
Togain the SACE, students complete the
equivalent of twoyearsof full-time study.
Thereare two stages to the SACE:
Stage1, also knownasYear 11, and
Stage2, also knownasYear 12.
Each subject or course successfully completed
earns credits towards theSACE. At least 200
credits are required for students togain the
certificate. Ten credits areequal toone semester,
or two terms, of study ina subject, and20 credits
areequal toa full-year subject.
Studentswill receiveagrade fromA toE (A+ to
E–at Stage2) for each subject. For compulsory
subjects, studentswill need toachieveaCgrade
or better.
Compulsorypartsof the SACEare:
–at least 20 credits froma rangeof
English subjectsor courses (Stage1)
–at least 10 credits froma range
ofMathematics subjectsor courses (Stage1)
ResearchProject –an in-depthmajor project
(10 credits at Stage2)
Personal LearningPlan
–10 credits
Other Stage2 subjects totallingat least 60
The remaining90 credits canbegained through
additional Stage1or Stage2 subjectsor board-
recognised coursesof a student’s choice
Students achievingVET competencies canhave
these recorded in the SACEBoarddatabase to
count towards their SACE completion.
Competency completionwill equate toSACE
Whena student achieves a full VETCertificate,
the SACEBoarduses theirRecognitionRegister to
ascertain thenumberof credits awarded.
Full certificates can take theplaceof SACEBoard
subjects. They canalso contribute toanATAR for
Pleasediscuss your interestswitha counsellor.
It isquite rare for students inYear 9 tobe
consideringaVETProgram inYear 10. However,
theremaybe individual circumstances that
suggest suchanoption shouldbe considered.
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