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From thePrincipal, PetaKourbelis
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Monday 4September
HamiltonSecondaryCollege -Narinukun InternationalSchoolPartnership
Since2015,HamiltonSecondaryCollegehasbeenpart of the InternationalEducationServices’Thailand
–SouthAustralianProject. The strategic aim of this program is to build strong cultural and educational
partnershipsbetween schoolsandeducators. Building teacher and student capacity inSTEMeducation
through the sharing of knowledge, expertise, curriculum and pedagogy is a key priority in this program.
In 2016, Hamilton had the pleasure of hosting a teacher from our partnering school in Thailand. Don,
as he liked tobe called, was providedwitha rangeof opportunities toobserveand learnhow schools in
SouthAustraliaembedSTEM learning in the curriculum.
This year it was our turn to send a staff member to Thailand. Jac van Hoof, one of our Design and
Technology/STEM teachers, travelled toThailandalongwithother teachers fromSouthAustralianschools.
As part of his brief, Jac engaged students of Narinukun International School in STEM learning by
teaching curriculumwhich our staff have developed and are currently using in our own Year 9 STEM
class. Using real world design problems such as the construction of CO2 dragsters, Thai students
became familiar with the design process, learned how scientific principles andmathematics are critical
to successful designs. Students also had opportunities to work in teams using collaborative problem
solving and reasoning skills to build their dragsters.
This approach to STEM learning was very well received by both students and staff of Narinukun
International School whoare considering travelling toAdelaide in2018 to further strengthenour cultural
relationshipand learnmore about our STEM education.
We look forward to hosting them.
Hamilton is hosting theAustralian and International Model Solar Challenge. This challenge brings together
national and international teamsof students to racesolarpoweredmodel carsona100metre ‘figure8’ track.
Theeventwillbeheld fromFriday24November toSunday26November.Weencourage familiesand friends
tocomealong tosupport our studentsas theycompetewithother state, national and international teams.
This is a tremendous learning experience for our students inspiring their curiosity and interest inSTEM
learning.Designingandconstructing their ownmodel solar carshascertainly raisedstudentsknowledge
and understanding of the interconnectedness of Science, Mathematics, Engineering andTechnology in
real worldproblems. I havealsobeenpleased tonote that thecompetitive spirit of thisevent hasquickly
become an effective motivator for students to improve their communication skills, team building skills
and problem-solving skills.
We welcome and encourage the participation of our local primary schools in this exciting learning
experience. To ensure that the younger children can also be involved, we are exploring the option of
includingmodel solar boats as part of this event.
To support student learning in this model solar challenge, we have received $18,625 from Annabel
Digance MP, Member for Elder, which has been allocated to purchase equipment. This includes high
quality components for themodel solar cars and boats, 3D printer, halogen lighting for an indoor track
and various othermaterials.
I would like to acknowledge and thankAnnabel for this generous financial contribution.
Hamilton has received $695,953 from theDECDAsset Maintenance Program. The funding, which has
been allocated to replace aging paving, flooring and paint, will certainly assist in improving the physical
environment of our College. Enhancing the aesthetic quality of our classrooms and buildings is critical
as it signals toour community and to our students that they are important to us.
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