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Annual Report 2015
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conditions has seen a significant drop in our Adult numbers from 2011 (whenmore than 50%of the
College’s enrolments were adult).
In 2011 our adult enrolments peaked at 609 FTE (representingmore than 1550 enrolments
given such a high proportion are part- time).
In 2012 the peakwas 355 FTE (consisting of approximately 690 enrolments).
In 2013 the peakwas 344.7 FTE (consisting of approximately 630 enrolments).
In 2014 the peakwas 311 FTE (consisting of approximately 543 enrolments).
In 2015 the peakwas 252 FTE (consisting of approximately 468 enrolments)
Hamilton plays an important role in the provision of adult education. It is important that theCollege
explores needs and opportunities within this community to ensure that our adult education
programs are contemporary and relevant.
In 2015, Hamilton had an FTE of 967 students. Most secondary students live in the suburbs
immediately surrounding theCollege and attend local primary schools including ourMarionAlliance
partners - Ascot Park, Clovelly Park, Forbes andMarion Primary Schools. Small numbers come from
a range of other southern suburbs schools including Black Forest, Brighton, Edwardstown, Glenelg,
Paringa Park, Richmond, Seaview andWarradale.
Adult students come from amuchwider range of suburbs than do secondary students, although the
majority of adults do reside in the southern suburbs. Some adult students come fromother parts of
themetropolitan area, plus from regional SouthAustralia, such is their interest in the specialised
programs we offer. In total, there are 202 suburbs inwhich our students reside.
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