Annual Report 2015 - page 10

Annual Report 2015
Page 9
Site Improvement Planning
Summary of Key Recommendations andTargets for 2015
That attendance data ismonitoredweekly and
that chronic non-attenders are casemanaged
through 8-10 and SACECampus STAR groups.
That Hamilton aims for a 90% overall
attendance rate in 2015
Bullying andHarassment
That the Pastoral Care and Year Level
Management systems continue to explicitly
teach strategies that reduce incidents of bullying
and harassment.
That the 8-10 and SACECampus STAR groups
continue tomonitor frequency and type of
incident, and adjust responses.
That there is a trend reduction in the frequency
of Bullying and harassment infractions.
Literacy andNumeracy
All Professional LearningCommunities focus on
the explicit teaching of Literacy andNumeracy
assessment criteria.
At least oneWriting type activity to be included
on the assessment plan, taught and assessed
each termYr 8 – 10. (Writing type to be that
which ismost suitable for each learning area).
That there is a trend increase in the percentage
of students attaining theNational Minimum
Standard in all aspects of Literacy and
That Hamilton’s students exceed the national
average percentage of students within the top
quartile growth rates in both Reading and
Numeracy from years 7 to 9.
That there is a proficiency band increase of at
least 50% inWriting.
That the SACE teachers continue to explicitly
teach the assessment criteria and expect all
students to complete all summative assessment
work to the best of their abilities.
That the 2015 SACE Stage 2 results for
Hamilton SecondaryCollege show a
continuation of the 2014 positive trend.
At least 15% of grades are in theA grade range.
At least 35% of grades are in the B grade range.
Even fewer E grades (closer to 0%).
That VET trainers continue to explore inclusive
methodologies that maximise student
completion rates.
That a 10% increase inCertificate completion is
made for 2015.
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