The Hamilton Disability Unit caters for the needs of all of its students through individual learning goals set down in the Negotiated Education Plan, the South Australian Curriculum Standards and Accountability (SACSA) Framework, and the modified SACE (South Australian Certificate of Education). These plans and curriculum frameworks ensure that we offer a balanced curriculum, with an appropriate focus on skill development and academic achievement.

As with all students in South Australian Government schools, those attending the Hamilton Unit are entitled to 12 years of schooling and are enrolled in the modified SACE at 15 years of age. This modified SACE enrolment is for 200 points and includes the Personal Learning Plan and the Research Project.

We encourage students to become independent, and we give them opportunities to develop their communication and social skills. During the final two years of schooling, students have the chance to undertake work experience placements or to explore day options programs, in order to maximise their opportunities for post school pathways.