SACE Courses

Stage 1 — preparation for Stage 2

SACE Stage 1 courses are also known as Year 11. They are preparatory courses to allow students with a significant break in their schooling to re-engage with the learning process. Students in consultation with a counsellor select the subject or combinations of subjects that most suit their needs. Stage 1 subjects provide a basis for successful transition to Stage 2 study. Each subject has an assessment plan that is given to students in the first weeks of the course. This plan outlines required assessment pieces, types of assessment and weightings of each.

Students are graded on a scale from A to E and will receive a report on progress at the end of the initial term and a statement of result at the end of the semester. A semester of study in each subject counts as 10 credits towards the Student Pathway Plan.

Adult students can apply for status at Stage 1 level and this can account for up to 110 credits towards the Certificate (if literacy and numeracy requirements are met).

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Stage 2

A wide range of SACE Board Stage 2 subjects are available. Students select these on the basis of interest and relevance to future aspirations. A minimum study of three subjects (60 credits) with a passing grade of C or above, at this level can satisfy the requirements of the SACE, but many students study more to meet the requirements of University entrance.

Assessment plans for these subjects will be issued in the first weeks of the course and will outline types, timing and weighting of assessment pieces. 30% of all Stage 2 assessment is conducted externally by the SACE Board, including exams in some subjects and timing for these is determined by the Board.

Most Stage 2 courses are of a year’s duration and count as 20 credits towards the Student Pathway Plan. A compulsory part of the SACE at Stage 2 is the Research Project which is a semester in length and counts as 10 credits. To complete SACE, students must achieve a C for this subject. VET certificates at level III can contribute to the SACE at Stage 2 level in accordance with the SACE Board Recognition Register.

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