Enrolment Process

Choosing the right course for you is important. Help and advice are given at the College by the Counselling Team who will also take you through the enrolment process. If you are including a full VET certificate in your SACE, an interview with the Certificate Manager will also be arranged.

It is understood that people have a variety of reasons for returning to study. These may include updating work skills, learning new skills or preparing for tertiary study. The SACE and its various subjects and courses are supportive of all of these aims. Hamilton has used this flexibility to design and deliver a wide array of subjects and courses.

Hamilton’s SACE Campus offers course and subject information, course counselling and enrolment. We will assist you in selecting the most appropriate courses for your needs and assist you in devising and maintaining your Student Pathway Plan.

Call in to or phone the Information Centre for further information about courses or to make an appointment with a member of the Counselling Team.